SCN Summit 2018

The 2018 SCN Global Summit will be hosted by the State Government of Victoria. The 2018 Summit will take place in Melbourne, the capital of the Australian state of Victoria on 10-12 July.

The 2018 Summit will provide a unique forum for policy makers, practitioners, academia and other specialists to connect and develop region-specific, best-practice approaches to countering and preventing violent extremism. The Summit will deliver training workshops for local practitioners, showcase local projects and provide networking opportunities with an Asia-Pacific focus.

Stakeholders will benefit from connecting and sharing their experiences, and ultimately develop a better understanding of the factors driving violent extremism and ways to strengthen resilience around the world.

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The 2018 SCN Global Summit is expected to attract around 250 delegates including locally elected leaders, policy makers and practitioners from around the world. Attendance is by invitation only and the participation of new delegates from Southeast Asia is encouraged. Register your expression of interest

Representatives from the Australian Government, other Australian jurisdictions and Victorian state and municipal governments will also be invited to attend the Summit.

Summit structure

The Summit is a three day event with plenary sessions and breakout workshops. Participants will have access to innovative, local approaches to building inclusive communities that are resilient to the threat of polarisation, violence and division manifest in all forms of violent extremism. Sessions will also highlight important bilateral city partnerships and frameworks through the SCN. In-depth workshops will develop substantive discussions, networking and inspiration for all participants.

Workshops and training will focus on a range of key issues including: individual interventions; multiculturalism and integration within cities; political communications around countering violent extremism; youth engagement in preventing and countering violent extremism; gender and violence; local action planning; new models for multi-agency cooperation; global-local integration; and how to harness the private sector and technology to tackle polarisation and violent extremism. The Summit includes additional side events for mayoral and national government representatives.