Welcome from the Minister for Multicultural Affairs

As the Victorian Minister for Multicultural Affairs, I attended the launch of the Strong Cities Network in New York in 2015 and the Global Summit in Aarhus in 2017. I am proud that Victoria is a founding member of the Network, and I look forward to welcoming Strong Cities Network (SCN) members to Victoria for the SCN Global Summit 2018.

Diversity is one of Victoria’s greatest strengths, and as a state, our culture is enriched by the presence of many diverse communities and faiths from around the world – some very old and well-established, and some more recently arrived.

Victoria has many different approaches to building community resilience.

The Strategic Framework to Strengthen Victoria’s Social Cohesion and the Resilience of its Communities (Strategic Framework) forms the basis for activity to ensure that all Victorians feel connected, no matter what their heritage or culture.

Underpinned by principles of shared responsibility and new ways of working together, the Strategic Framework recognises that we all have a role to play in addressing the everyday challenges to social cohesion and community resilience.

However, we cannot afford to become complacent. There is much work to be done to safeguard our community against the global challenge of violent extremism.

I look forward to sharing more on Victoria’s approach to creating cohesive communities and preventing violent extremism at this year’s Summit. I also look forward to hearing from other network members, so we can all benefit from our collective experiences.

Robin Scott

Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Victoria

We are thrilled to host our 3rd annual Strong Cities Network (SCN) Global Summit in Melbourne in partnership with Government of the State of Victoria.

The SCN comprises more than 120 cities from every major global region and this important event will provide our member cities – mayors, local policy makers and practitioners from around the world - with a unique opportunity to learn from and share best practice with those tackling radicalisation and extremism across the Asia-Pacific region.

This year, over 200 delegates will share and learn from innovative local approaches to building inclusive communities, resilient to the threat of hate, violence and division.

Workshops and training will focus on a range of key issues including: individual interventions; multiculturalism and integration within cities; political communications around countering violent extremism; and how to harness the private sector and technology to tackle polarisation and violent extremism.

Victoria plays a key role in the Strong Cities Network Steering Committee, the SCN's leadership body. We are therefore delighted that Victorian Government Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Robin Scott MP, will host the SCN's 4th International Steering Committee Meeting on the margins of the Global Summit in Melbourne.

Sasha Havlicek